First Responders Conduct Training Session in Emergency Hospital in Cape Girardeau

The Region E Homeland Security Response Team held a training session on the deployment of an emergency mobile hospital in Cape Girardeau on Wednesday. The training session consisted of putting together a tent system with four separate wings that can be organized in different ways. Officials say the tents have heating and air conditioners. They have duct-work throughout the tent, as well as dividers and lighting. So it’s very well equipped and it’s important they are trained and prepared to help the public if an emergency situation were to ever arise. Officials also say, it offers them some much needed flexibility so that if there’s a disaster, a triage area or an emergency hospital can be accessible. The Homeland Security Response Team is made up of first responders from the Jackson Fire Department, Sikeston Department of Public Safety, and Stoddard County Ambulance District. The South Scott County Ambulance and Cape Girardeau Fire Department are also part of the team.

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