Several Dead Animals Found Inside Felon’s Home

Officials in McCracken County found many diseased animals’ firearms and potentially stolen items at a home on Coleman Cut Road. Police say, they went to check out an incident at the home on Tuesday, Nov. 19 sometime before midnight. Police also say, there had been several complaints about poaching, trespassing and a convicted felon who was in possession of a firearm at the home. After a joint investigation a search warrant was obtained for the home. Charges are expected in this investigation but have not been filed at this time. Officials said before they arrived, a traffic stop was conducted with people who live at the residence. When police arrived at the home officials found a live adult female deer inside the home with various dead wildlife as well. A white tail buck was discovered to be shot to death in the back yard. A red fox, bobcat, and ducks were found inside a freezer at the residence. Officials say, one person living at the home is a convicted felon. They also believe residents of the home are responsible for stealing items such as a pressure washer and decoys. Around a dozen firearms and ammunition were recovered from the home as well. This investigation is ongoing.

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