An Amendment TO Make Plats Legal Almost Passes P&Z

The city of Jackson Planning and Zoning Commission gave approval of an amendment to the land subdivision regulation to permit subdivision plats to be approved with no exceptions, even if  there is a lack of city street access  or if there is an alternate public right of way. The amendment was passed on to the commission by the city’s Board of Alderman after discussions were held about undeveloped land north of Bent Creek. Golf Course within the city of Jackson The land is without immediate access to a street inside the city. City officials say, the amendment would not require the city to approve such a subdivision, but without an amendment, no plat without city street access could even be submitted to the city to review. Officials said, the amendment written by City Attorney Tom Ludwig was composed to narrowly address this issue, but it would be applicable if  a similar situation in the future within city limits. The amendment was passed with a close vote of 5 to 4. The amendment will now go back to the Board of Alderman and another public hearing will be scheduled. The first was held last Wednesday.

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