Jackson City Officials Looking to Increase Fees for Trash Pickup and Pool Use

The prices of trash collection and use of the city pool will increase in Jackson after the calendar turns to 2020 if the board Alderman approves the increase in next year’s budget. Members of the city staff recommended a $4, per-month increase in the city’s trash collection from $6 to $10 and increase the entry fee for the Jackson swimming pool from $3 to $4. Along with the increase of general admission, the fee for swimming lessons will also rise from $20 to $25, pending the approval by the board Alderman. City officials say, the trash collection fee is needed in order to fully fund the solid waste program through fees rather than a combination of fees and transfer from city sales tax revenues. City officials brought up the fact that even at a fee of $10 the city’s monthly trash collection fee would be less than half of what other local communities such as Cape Girardeau charge for their trash collection. The approximant cost to run the city’s solid waste program, and at the moment the program is operated on a yearly deficit of nearly $150,000. By raising the monthly residential collection fee to $10, officials say, the system would pay for itself and it may be possible to purchase additional refuse collection equipment.

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