Cape Girardeau City Council Decides to Keep Transportation Sales Tax Extension to Five Years

Members of the Cape Girardeau City Council came to an agreement on Monday to limit a proposed sales tax to a period of only five years rather than extending it. During the study session City Council members didn’t decide on whether or not to extend Veterans Memorial Drive or whether to rebuild another section to South Sprigg Street. City officials say, they have plenty of time to iron out the details before an expected vote in April. City officials suggested last month the council may consider extending the tax to six or seven years rather than the normal five year period in order to allow the city to complete more transportation projects. Council members said, they saw no need to tinker with the winning formula. A fellow official said, he thinks public trust is with the five year time frame. The measure would bring into existence an estimated $25 million in revenue for maintenance of roadways major street projects along with sidewalks. Members of an advisory committee made recommendations for eight to nine projects the money could go towards, but it depends on how much money would be put into the Vetern’s Memorial Drive Project.

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