Financial Aid Process to Become Easier at Southeast

Both applying and receiving financial aid is about to become easier for all SEMO students. University officials said the office of Student Financial Services has a new process that they hope will help students. The process of selection by the U.S. Department of Education (FAFSA) is one that several students find to be a challenge. This verification assists the school to decide the type of aid and amount of aid a student will get. After a student is chosen for verification, the schools new process comes in to play. The student’s status will be kept track of and streamlined by the university’s financial services staff members. Staff members will be able to link the necessary documents on a student’s account and look over the documents to ensure all the documents are in the right place and finished. Operations staff will be responsible for verifying the documents. Students will also be able to look up their progress and get messages every week regarding the process. The billing cycle for SFS has also changed to accommodate students. Payments will now be due at the end of the month rather than the beginning, SFS officials said; those with questions should always call Student Financial Services

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