Sikeston High School is now offering Students Work Experience in Community Jobs

Sikeston High School is now offering its students an opportunity to gain hands on experience in jobs that they could pursue after they finish school. The school is offering this opportunity through a program called Impact. The program is made possible through a partnership with the Sikeston Regional Chamber of Commerce and was put in place to get students excited about their career opportunities in the present. School officials say, the new impact program was added this year and the goal is to have a positive impact on the students’ lives. Students, who take part in the program, were provided job shadowing opportunities at Papa John’s, Spread Hope Now, and Sikeston DPS. Officials say, these students do not have a clear plan about what they will do after high school. Officials also say, The goal is that the students can see more than what their parent’s door their brother or sister do that there are a lot of career opportunities in Sikeston. School officials say, the students will get the opportunity to tour a different business every other month.

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