Victim Dies From Gunshot wound in Pemiscot County

One man is dead and officials are investigating in Pemiscot County, Missouri. Police say, the county 911 received a call at 9:47 p.m. on Sunday, November 10 from a woman saying she had shot her boyfriend during a domestic altercation. Deputies arrived on scene to find 28-year-old Derek McCoy had been shot in his upper left leg with a 20-gauge. The sheriff said the woman was administering first aid when deputies arrived. Police Say, He said the woman told them there had been a domestic altercation earlier with McCoy assaulting her, he left and she locked the door. A short time later, she said he started beating on the door and yelling at her to let him in. The woman told police, she refused and he kicked the door in. As he approached her, she said she fired one shot that hit him in the leg. McCoy was airlifted to a Memphis, Tenn. hospital where he later died. Police say, all reports will be forwarded to the Pemiscot County prosecutor to be determined if any charges will be filed.

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