Police Provided False Information about Child Abduction

Police said an 11-year-old admitted to giving false information regarding what they thought was attempted child abduction. On Thursday, Nov. 7, police said they were contacted about the alleged attempted child abduction that happened on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The caller told offers she was the person who gave the 11-year-old a ride back to the child’s home Tuesday morning in her silver Chrysler 300. The woman told officers she knew the family and the child’s aunt. Police said they spoke to the 11-year-old who admitted to giving false information to match information her sister provided to their father and officers. Officials said the 11-year-old’s older sister saw her get into a vehicle and believed the driver was an unknown man. The child went along with this information to match what her older sister told officers. Police had previously investigated the incident as attempted child abduction. Originally, police were told the child was walking to school on Tuesday morning with a sibling, but the sibling left to return home for a forgotten item. Police say she did get into the vehicle with the suspect as he drove toward the school, but she said she became uncomfortable with the comments he made to her. When the vehicle stopped at a stop sign, she unlocked her door and got out. This information provided by the 11-year-old was false, police say.

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