IDOC Revises Publication Review Policy to Increase Access to Educational Materials

The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) is implementing a new procedure for reviewing publications entering its correctional facilities. The revised policy is designed to ensure a review process with more oversight and consistency in order to increase access to reading and educational materials. The policy ensures publications cannot be disapproved solely based on social, sexual, religious, philosophical, or political content. Reading materials for educational programming are now assessed by the Educational Facility Administrator of each institution. The Department’s Central Publications Review Committee, which is comprised of individuals from IDOC’s Operations Division and Legal Services, is overseeing the new procedure and will make final determinations on reading materials. The Department also instituted a Statewide Publications Determination List to ensure consistency across all correctional facilities. IDOC incorporated feedback from education experts and the National Institute of Corrections into the final policy. To view the policy in its entirety.

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