SEMO is currently Researching Light Pollution over Cape Girardeau

Southeast Missouri State University is collaborating in a worldwide study the effects of human light pollution. The university put in a sky quality meter on top of Rhodes Hall to measure the brightness of the sky over Cape Girardeau  eleven times per-hour. Officials say, the data said the data from the device will be given to the Missouri Chapter of the International Dark-Sky Association. The international non-profit is set out to preserve and protect the night time by the promotion of more efficient lighting choices. Officials say, many states and countries consider dark skies as a natural resource, just like water and air. As of Tuesday, the meter at SEMO has only two weeks of data, but officials say, its a long term project that will continue for years and the goal is to get a ‘baseline’ of where Cape Girardeau is on the light pollution spectrum, and the information could also benefit cutting edge research on how artificial light impacts climate change, plants, wildlife, and human health.

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