School Board and City Council Members Looking into Operating Costs for Two Pools

Both city and school staff members in Cape Girardeau are currently making plans to explore the costs for the operation of two pools in Cape Girardeau, but city officials are currently wrestling with the recovery of expenses. City officials told members of the school board and City Council that they need to do a deep dive to determine annual operating costs, and how much revenue could be generated to help cover costs. There is currently no time table for how long it will take to gather the information and present it to officials with the school board and City Council. An advisory group made the suggestion last month to lower costs by building a  leisure pool at Jefferson Elementary School, and make revelations to the Cape Girardeau Municipal Pool and use it for completive swimming. City officials say the plan would keep the project within the $10 million construction budget. Officials for both sides voiced their concerns about the expenses that come with operating two pools. Both city and school officials say, there will be a fee increases for use of the Cape Girardeau Municipal Pool , and new charges for use of the leisure pool, but those charges haven’t been calculated. Officials say, two indoor facilities would allow the city to implement new revenue generating programs such as yoga, and possibly surfboards. Officials on both sides hoped to build to separate pools in a single complex, but went away from the idea because it would cost $25 million.

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