Rainbow Trout Fishing Season Has Begun in Missouri

Southeast Missouri’s annual winter Trout Season has begun. Over 6,500 Rainbow Trout were stocked into Legion Lake in Perryville, Rotary Lake in Jackson, and Giessing Lake in Farmington. Over 1,900 fish were put into Rotary Lake and 1,200 fish put into Giessing Lake. The remaining $3,760 fish were stocked into Legion Lake, before the season started on November 1, 2019. All three cities along with MDC and the Perry County Sportsman’s Club bought the fish that were stocked. Anglers will can catch Rainbow trout on a catch and release basis until February. They can then harvest the fish. From now until the end of January the fish must be released immediately after they are caught. Over this time period anglers can only catch the fish with files and artificial lures and plastic baits that the fish can’t smell. Beginning in February any bait can be put on a pole, and four fish can be kept at a time.

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