Millersville Fire Bond Issue Doesn’t Pass

A bond issue that was purposed in the Millersville Rural Fire Protection District was not passed by local voters in Tuesday’s election In order for the bond issue to be passed it needed to receive 66.9% of the vote; it received 65.8% of the vote. The measure was supported by local voters with a final vote count of 199 to 103. Fire officials were wanting local voters to pass a $900,000 obligation to pay for construction and equipping a new fire station to replace the existing fire station in Millersville. Fire officials said last month that the station is in poor shape and is too small to house today’s fire trucks. Officials wanted to build a four bay, 6,400 foot station The fire district consists of three fire stations, but the main one in Millersville was constructed 42 years ago and can only house two of the department’s six fire trucks.

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