City Officials in Jackson Making Plans for Pavement and Water System Upgrades.

Jackson City officials say, Funding for plans to improve pavement and waterlines along East Main Street was approved at Monday night’s Jackson Board Alderman Meeting. The current project blueprint includes upgrading the current waterlines near Goose Creek. They would be upgraded with a brand new pipe network that would drain water right into the creek. The project includes the replacement of pavement stretching from Maryland Street to the bridge covering Goose Creek. Pavement repairs also include taking out the railroad tracks that currently cross East Main Street as well as road reconstruction to make street drainage better. The new water drainage system will be put in on the northern end of East Main Street stretching from Georgia Street going east, and it will end before the bridge over Goose Creek. City officials say, the project is still in the design stage and the $38,096 approved on Monday is strictly for the design of the pavement improvements. Officials also say, it’s kind of a multi faceted project that they’ll be doing and that’s why they needed the engineering study, any once they have that done, they will pick a time when they’ll be able to do this.

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