Several Cape Girardeau County Residents Could Get Tax Bills in Multiple Mailings

Last year’s tax bills for residents of Cape Girardeau County are currently in the mail for residents to receive. County officials say, some county residents will receive their bills in more than one mailing. Officials say, the multiple mailings to a few thousand residents are a result of a mailing process used exact mailing addresses for each tax bill account. They say, that some county residents have more than one account because they own more than one property and their billing addresses for each account may be slightly different account. In past years city officials sorted and combined bills that had address variations by hand, but beginning with this year’s tax season the old method was discontinued. Officials say, The bills were sorted by machine, which compared the exact mailing address, so they may have been mailed differently in previous years. Most tax bills are expected to arrive in the mail over the next few days. Payments on tax bills are due on the last day of the year. Those, who do not meet the deadline, will receive more interest along with additional penalties.





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