With Temperatures Dropping People’s Shelter Opens to Homeless

As the season’s temperatures are starting to fall below freezing in the area the People’s Shelter is making their shelter available to homeless residents once more. The shelter is located whitin the basement of the .A.M.E.Church; it has provided homeless residents a warm place to stay since January of last year. Although officials planned to wait to open the shelter until Friday, they decided to open it  a day earlier early on Thursday. The National Weather Service said, Temperatures lingered in the mid 30’s on Thursday morning with gusts at speeds up to 25 miles per-hour. The National Weather Service also issued a freeze warning for Thursday night and predicted a low for the evening of 28 degrees. Officials say, the warming center is supported in part by First Presbyterian Church this year and welcomes volunteers. Last year the People’s Shelter gave nighttime shelter to a total of 70 homeless individuals over a period of 45 days. Officials say, they sheltered about 25 individuals over night on average and estimated serveing over 300 people over the course of 2019.

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