Pro-Life Memorial Has Been Taken Down from the Site on Mount Auburn Road

The field of crosses that is located at the Cemetery of the Innocent in Cape Girardeau have  been taken down along with the signs next to them have vanished. There used to be 500 crosses made of PVC pipe standing prominently along one of the busiest streets in Cape Girardeau, but as of Thursday the area lot is empty with 500 holes. There is only one solo remaining piece of the Prolife Memorial near the southwest corner of both interstate 55 and Highway 74 was a gazebo made of wood. Several rallies along with prayer services have been conducted at this site through the years. It is yet to be determined if the Cemetery of the Innocent will move to a different location. Back in 1990 land was donated to both the SEMO Live Givers and the Cemetery of the Innocent was given a home along Simmers Drive. The memorial was originally made up of an additional 200 crosses. When the 42nd President Bill Clinton came through Cape Girardeau on a campaign stop in 1996 the number of crosses was increased to 4,400 by the local pro-life organization to symbolize the number of abortions every single day in the USA

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