St. Francis Healthcare Systems Receives Grant to Improve Infant Health

The Health Resources and Services confirmed that St. Francis Healthcare Systems was awarded with a Rural Maternity Obstetrics Management strategies grant. The grant that was awarded is one of three others that are given out across the nation. The award is geared toward the local counties of Mississippi, Scott, and Pemiscot, Stoddard and New Madrid. The award is worth more than $3 million. Officials say, they are excited about this opportunity to help more mothers have positive outcomes in a high risk area of their service region. Both Pemiscot Memorial Hospital and Twin Rivers Medical Center closed down. This left many mothers without services that were close by. The RMOMS program goal is to improve both access to obstetrics and maternal care in communities that are rural. Fourteen different organizations came together for a collaborative effort to improve infant health within the bootheel of Missouri to make the grant possible; a few of them include St. Francis Healthcare Systems, Missouri Delta Medical Center, and Pemiscot Memorial Hospital. The project is entitled Boot Heel Parental Network and the project will give support to  companies who provide healthcare, hospitals ,public health and social supporters to collaborate with communities  to build on local resources to met the needs related to healthcare for babies and mothers.

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