Emergency Alert System is now open to Every Resident in Cape Girardeau

City officials in Cape Girardeau are pushing the community to sign up for the county’s new Rave Alert System during the next year. The Rave Notification system sends out  emergency notifications to residents throughout the county through a text message voice, or emails. The alerts will be sent out for a weather warning, road closing, practice of sirens, and when county offices are closing. Officials say, the county has been using the alerts since 2016, but the system was previously only used to communicate with county employees and the city is currently using social media like Facebook to communicate with residents, but during emergency situations, more immediate communication is necessary. Officials say that right now, with only 380 people we are going to miss a lot of the damage but when it gets to thousands of people in the county, we are going to be able to use that part of the system a lot more. Residents, who are interested in signing, can do so by visiting www.getrave.com and typing in “Cape Girardeau County MO EMA” in the search bar.

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