Construction of Low Income Housing on Track despite Weather Delays

Evan though the spring and summer seasons were wet and rainy in Cape Girardeau, officials developing the low income housing project in Cape Girardeau say, construction is on track for the projects on time completion in the spring. The new apartment complex will be called Liberty Apartments. The complex will consist of eight buildings and forty apartments .Ground was broken for construction six months ago. Officials say, their offices have received a lot of calls from people interested in renting apartments, but it will be a couple months before renting applications will be accepted. Officials also say, they will probably begin looking for a property manager early in the year and begin taking applications after that. The new apartment complex will be in the 1100block of Walnut Street, which is located east of Westend Bulivard. The apartments within the complex will have a living, kitchen and dining areas, along with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Officials say, the apartments are expected to rent for $475 or $500 per-month, and some apartments will be ADA accessible.

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