Woman Receive 16 Year Sentence for 2017 Shooting

A Tennessee woman is headed to prison for the murder of a Mississippi County man. The woman was identified as 30 year-old Brittany S. Curry. She entered a guilty plea to second degree murder before a judge. She received a 16 year prison sentence in the Department of Corrections. The shooting happened Aug. 1, 2017. The man she killed was identified as Ralph Cross. During the investigation into the death, a witnesses came forward to report seeing a woman in Cross’s vehicle with him. Investigators were able to lift a latent fingerprint from the front passenger window. Police say, that witnesses saw Cross assisting four women who were in a vehicle with Tennessee registration. Police also say, the car had a flat tire and Cross was trying to assist the women with getting it fixed. Police also say, Investigators were able to track Cross to a tire shop in Charleston and Sikeston business on the evening of July 31. Police continued on that after he walked ‘a little ways’ down the street, he heard a noise and then noticed the three females hurry out of the house and get into the white car. The car then drove away and out of town and as the the women were leaving, they stopped their vehicle warning the witness not to return to Cross’s home. One August 3, 2019, two of the women admitted to police Curry shot and killed Cross.

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