Local Cities Are Making Plans for a $50,000 Marketing Effort for Census Promotion

Both Cape Girardeau and Jackson along with an additional four cities within the region have come together to hire a marketing firm in order to promote the 2020 census to have every local resident counted. Cape Girardeau city officials say,  they, plan to spend $50,000 on the marketing effort, they also say, they planned on spending something to get the word out about the census next year and this is a mechanism where they can  make their dollars go farther  by combining them. Officials in both Cape Girardeau and Jackson city officials say the census effects communities in terms of funding and congressional districts. Cape Girardeau City Officials say, the census impacts how much state and federal funding they have access to ,so it is critical that every person be counted, and for every person that is missed means they are missing out on access to get federal funding. Officials in Jackson say, the census determines how many representatives each state will have in congress and can result in the redrawing of congressional boundaries. The marketing proposals that the coalition is searching for have to be turned into the Cape Girardeau by Friday afternoon. Jackson City officials say, they intend to select a firm by the end of November.

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