Jackson City Officials Contemplating Government Change

Jackson city officials are considering making Jackson’s City government a charter form of Government. The change to a charter form of government was an important topic discussed during a Jackson Annual Retreat and Work session on Tuesday afternoon. This type of government is also referred to as home rule. The city of Jackson is currently classified as a class fourth city within the state. This means the city’s government has limited power and authority it has been given the state statue. City officials say, In other words the only thing they can do is what the state legislature says they can do, but they also say, as a charter city you can do anything that the legislature hasn’t prohibited. As of right now there are currently a total of 40 cities state wide that operates as a charter government. Two of the cities that have a charter form of government are Cape Girardeau and Sikeston. City officials say, in order for to become a charter government, the  first step would be the alderman would have to pass an ordinance calling for the question of whether the city should form a charter commission to be put on the ballot to be voted on by Jackson residents. Additionally to these local voters would have to vote to elect a charter commission that is made up of thirteen members that would be in charge of drafting the document for the government to be put in place.

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