TTF- 6 Members Make Recommendations to the City Council for City Improvements

Cape Girardeau city officials want to make improvements to South Sprig Street. Members of the Transportation Trust Fund in Cape Girardeau have pointed out areas in town that need improvement, and South Sprig Street is only one area. Members of the TFF6 committee are currently making recommendation to members of the city council to facelift for the area of South Sprig to Southern expressway. Members of the committee say, the sidewalks are bad, the potholes are bad there’s a safety issue because a number of blocks on that street don’t have driveways. Committee members also say this is important because there is a lot of traffic in this area, including big trucks. In addition committee members say that it’s also one of the most densely populated parts of the city because of that there is so much car and walking traffic. Besides the roads committee members also stress the neighborhood itself needs to be fixed. Members of the committee say, the sidewalks are the biggest concern.

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