Jackson Junior High Construction to Start in January

Members of the Jackson R-2 School Board are moving forward on improvements to the junior high, with financial plans brought about at this month’s board meeting and Nov. 26 set as the day the project will go out for bid. School officials say, architects and district administration have met with almost all of the junior high teachers affected by the changes, and he hopes plans will be finalized by Nov. 12. That would give the district enough time to have meetings with potential contractors before they submitted bids. Members of the school board then would have to review the bids and give the last approval of the project at a special board meeting during the beginning of December. Officials say, he contractor would have December to get ready at the site, and would hopefully start construction in January and there is some concern about starting in January and getting it done by August,” Link said. A lot depends on the weather. If the weather isn’t good, we may have to look into some overtime this summer to get back on schedule. Officials also say, he biggest construction push would be over the summer, regardless of the weather, with the building staying clear by moving the junior high’s summer school to the high school

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