School Officials Concerned About Route K in Cape Girardeau

To the west of the Cape Girardeau Wal-Mart there are two area schools located on a busy highway.  Both Notre Dame Regional High School and Eagle Ridge Christian School are located on Route K. The issue was brought up to the Cape Girardeau City Council on Wednesday by representatives from the transportation trust fund committee. They said something needs to be done. School officials, say, there s a traffic safety concern on state Highway K. Officials also say, At high times it’s very difficult for anyone along route K to make turns in an out off route K. The city’s Director of Development services said TTF-6 has included this project in its list of roads and intersections that need help. Worley said it makes it hard for student and parents to enter the school. Officials say, since their coming trying to make a left turn on to Notre Dame Drive, you’ll see cars that’ll be back up as many as 30 deep. In order for construction to begin the project will have to be put on the April 2020 voter ballots under the TTF-6 projects. Officials say they worry for the safety of parents and children. School officials and parents said they’d like to see a turning lane and a traffic light. City officials say, MODOT must determine what can be done in this area. The council can only ask the voters to support it.


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