Cape Girardeau City Council Members Could Possibly Get Sales Tax Extension of Seven Years to Fund Road Projects

Cape Girardeau city officials say, Voters may be asked next year to extend Cape Giraudoux’s Transportation Sales tax for another seven years rather than the traditional five years.  The current transportation sales tax back in 1995, and has been extended every five years to provide funding for certain city projects. City officials say, extending the tax for seven years would raise about $35 million for transportation projects compared to $25 million for a five year period. They also say, it may be time to consider six or seven years and the additional funding would allow the city to complete more projects. City council members are currently looking into putting a measure regarding the extension of a tax measure on the ballot for an election in April to provide funding for transportation projects such as street repairs and street reconstruction. Members of an advisory committee made their recommendations during a city council study session. Members of the committee recommended between eight and nine different projects that could cost the city $10 million, but the cost depends on the total amount of money put forth to fund Veteran’s Memorial Drive.   Other projects that were recommended to the city council, reconstruction of sprig street, and Lexington Avenue, concrete repairs to Burlington Street, Extension of College Street, a Route K school ,corridor improvements, and an intersection study of Maria/Louise Lane /Kiwanis Drive/Broadway intersection.

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