MEA Receives New Contract

The Murphysboro Education Association has officially received a new contract on Tuesday night.  MEA officials voted to ratify the contract on Wednesday, Oct. 9 and the Murphysboro 186 Board of Education also voted to ratify the agreement on Tuesday night, Oct. 15.  As part of the new agreement three-year contract, strike days will be made up and changes will be made to the curriculum council. To make up the days that were cancelled because of the strike, students will receive time they missed in their classrooms back with no penalties.  Educators gave up one of their personal days  to save  the district money to make up the missed days. A decision has not been made when the lost days will be made up. The new changes to the curriculum include involving educators’ input on the placement of classroom aides and having the administration seek out and consider educator observations when evaluating aides.

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