Cape Girardeau City Council Members Set to Hire a Consultant to Design Airport Projects

The Cape Girardeau City Council is hoping to hire a consultant for planning work that will cost the city over $472,000 as the very first step to perform a plan for construction of a major terminal along with other significant improvements to the city’s airport. A block grant that was awarded to the city through MODOT will pay for 95% of the entire cost of the projects. The city will pay for the rest of the expenses that will cost them $21,166. In addition to this expense the city will also be responsible for paying for the installation of a drainage study that will cost them $49,430. Airport officials say, the FAA has indicated the drainage study is not eligible for grant funding unless the city would develop an entirely new airport master plan, which would be more expensive. Officials say, the drainage system is needed because the airport has a history of drainage issues, particularly on the south side of the airfield. The consulting firm of Crawford, Murphy & Tilly will be responsible for the planning work. The agency has previously been involved in past projects at the airport. Officials say, MDOT and the FAA require the city to update the airport layout plan and the airport master plan before major projects can begin. They say, the planning work will lay the groundwork for land acquisition, construction of a new tower and terminal, and control tower, and general aviation facility improvements.

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