Upgrade in Fire Department Equipment Now Can Send EKG Updates to the Emergency Room

Local fire fighters are now able to send an EKG of a person’s heart within seconds of arriving at their location. Officials say, it could save someone’s life. Matter of fact, actually it’ll change their outcome. Officials are talking about new feature on the Zoll Monitors and defibrillator machines. Officials say, previously they had to print a strip like this and hand that to the doctor once the patient arrived to the hospital. Now the doctor receives this while we’re still in the patient’s living. Every second that the doctor’s not prepared to receive that patient is a time that that heart or that brain is dying. Firefighters can now send patient’s EKG results back to the hospital before the ambivalence gets to the scene if they are experiencing systems related to a heart attack. Officials said If emergency room staff sees an artery’s completely blocked it’s important to start surgery and open the artery as quickly as possible.  City officials say, hose monitors were purchased with the Health Fund, which is funded majorly from taxes

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