Judge Rules That Racist Facebook Posts Are Off Limits in Court Case Friday

On Friday a court judge barded a plaintiff attorney in a case involving sexual discrimination in which the attorney questioned former Scott County  official about posts he previously put on Facebook  that were described by several people as being both sexist and vulgar.  At the hearing the judge sided with the defense attorneys claim that the posts that were put on Facebook by the former presiding Commissioner Jim Glueck that the posts were neither material nor relevant to the litigation. The attorney’s argument was that he should be allowed as part of a disposition to ask Glueck about his raceist and disgusting posts on Facebook. At the hearing the attorney told the judge that Mr. Clubb wants to try the case in the media. The Scott County Government and the former police chief are being sued by the former County Jail administrator Tina Kolwyck. She claims that the former police chief  violated the Missouri Human Rights act by removing her from her position and replacing her with someone, who had less experience. The suit was filed last year and she claims that she was discriminated against by being demoted to baliff in January 2017 because of her gender.

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