Cape City Officials Growing Frustrated With Long Process of Tearing Down Old Buildings

Cape Girardeau City Officials are growing frustrated because of a lengthy condemnation process. Buildings that are currently without business have caused some blocks throughout the city to look very ugly and offensive.  City officials say that the frustration is the amount of time it takes to get it done. Several days prior the city council took a vote to issue a tax bill to be able to make a recovery of over $7,000 worth of demolition of a depleted building located at 1418 North Spanish Street and having to remove weeds and trash on the street in addition to the demolition of the building. City officials said, it takes them 15 months to get this. City staff members say that the structure was condemned on July 13, 2018. City staff members said that it takes 310 days from start to finish. The long drawn out process includes notifications, inspections, a public hearing, bid advertizing and giving out a contract to have the structure raised. City officials say, Red Star neighborhood has a number dilapidated houses and weed filled properties. Officials also say, the city needs to hold land lords accountable for maintaining rental properties and that the city also needs to address nuisances. Other city officials say, for the sake of safty they have to tear them down. (buildings) The city’s fiscal year concluded at the end of June and the city put forth a total of $5,600 to tear down old depleted buildings.

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