Sale Tax Only Goes Up Slightly From This Point Last Year

Cape Girardeau City officials say, the good news is the county’s sales tax is it hasn’t degreased from where it was this time last year There is bad news is  due to the fact it hasn’t risen either, and it is close to where it was last year. The Cape Girardeau County Commission is provided updated information in regards to revenue data once a month and they were given numbers for this month at a County Commissioners meeting on Thursday. As of right now in 2019 Cape Girardeau County has received a total of $6,223.590.45 from the county’s half cent sales tax. At this point last year the county revenue totaled $7,363,023. The county’s half cent sales tax is the largest source of revenue to the entire county. Tax revenue this year is only higher by a total of $287.87. This only an increase of $0.005% City officials say, Sales tax is flat and will not increase because of out of state sales including internet sales. Officials also say, even though tax revenue is about the same as it was year costs are going up a lot more than that. Recently retailrecipts within the local area have plateau. City Officials say that retail outlets aren’t getting bigger they’re get smaller and fewer and since 2008, sales tax revenue is only up something like 1.6 %, some of the cause could be due to inflation. Officials say, inflation may make the cost of goods go up, which in turn increases sales tax but that’s all they’re seeing.

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