A Single Section of Grandview Street Will be Closed to Motorists for Upgrades

A single block section of Grandview Drive in Jackson will be closed off to traffic next because  city workers will be upgrading the water line that runs along the street. The roadwork that will begin on Monday, and conclude next Saturday. Upgrades will be made between the hours of 8.a.m. to 5.p.m. depending on the weather. Construction on the waterline is being done as part of the Jackson Water Improvement Project, which was voted on by local voters back in 2014 to help improve the flow of water to the town’s fire hydrants. In addition the project will also include the repaving of streets in areas that were cut in order for the installation of main water lines.  When the roadway is being worked on  local traffic is only allowed to drive on the roadway. When Construction is taking place no one will be allowed to park on the street.

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