Jackson Receives Grant to Pave Roads at the Industrial Park in Jackson

Residents will now have easier access to the Southside Industrial Park because of a Matching Grant through the Delta Regional Authority through their economic welfare assistance program. Organization officials made the announcement of the grant this week. The grant is worth a total of $137,825 and will assist in paying for half the cost of paving two gravel roads at the industrial park which is close to the city limits of Jackson. The entire project is predicted to cost a total of $270,325. The entire project will consist of paving a total of 1,100 feet of County Road 306 along the southern edge of industrial park between South Farmington Road (Missouri Route PP) and an additional 450 feet of Seabaugh Road between County Road 330 and Lenco Ave. City Officials say, the city of Jackson will provide $58,690 for the roadwork while the balance will be paid for by Cape Girardeau County and Missouri Department of Transportation. The current business that operate at the industrial park include Signature Packing . American Railcar Industries, Coca –Cola, HH Services, Midwest Sterilization, Langford Mechanical and Sheet Metal, and B&B Door. City officials believe the pavement project will begin sometime in 2020. City officials believe that providing matching funds for the purpose of constructing these roadway improvements is important to the growth of the industrial park and willimprove opportunities for business and industry for the overall improvement of Jackson.







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