Two Jackson Officers Awarded for Saving Another Life

Two Jackson Police officers were honored on Monday night. Both the police department and City of Jackson City Council awarded Officers Danny Brosnan and   Kimberly Shuck with the Meritorious Service Award. City officials say, the officers were given this recognition after “demonstrating the pursuit for the protection and preservation of life and property through a high level of professionalism and diligence that brings honor to the profession of law enforcement.  Officials also say, n Sept. 20 both officers responded to a report of a vehicle that was swept away into the water at the low water bridge on Mary Street in the City Park. The vehicle was being swept quickly downstream. The report that came into officers said the driver was in the truck as it entered the water. Officials said both officers immediately started a search downstream. The vehicle was found by Officer Brosnan on the Hubble Creek Bridge on West Jackson Blvd. The car was completely submerged in the water when he found it. Both officers

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