City of Jackson Approved to Begin Roundabout Construction

Motorists, who are currently making plans to avoid construction at Center Junction in the spring, could run into the same problem on East Main Street also for a few weeks. On Monday Night the Jackson Board Alderman approved the approval for a roundabout to be constructed on East Main Street and Shawnee Boulevard which, as of right now is a four way stop. City officials say, a roundabout at the intersection will improve traffic flow especially when additional motorists use East Main Street to reach Interstate 55 to reach the interchange at exit 102. There were a total of four bids that were received regarding the project. The bid for the lowest amount came from Lappe Cement Finishing INC, from Freidhiem. The total amount of the bid was for $738,999.21. The total was much lower than the estimated total cost greater than $875,000. The city alderman took the lowest bid and gave authorization to a plan for construction after MODOT begins there redesign of the Center Junction Project. MODOT officials say, the Center Junction project which will require temporary closure of interstate access and exit north of Highway 61 could start as early as March or April of 2020.  Back in August the city Alderman was contemplating pushing back the construction of the roundabout until after the interstate ramps reopened at highway 61, but it was decided that the city should get as much work done as possible before MODOT begins construction on the Center Junction project.  City officials say, they hope to minimize inconvenience resulting from the roundabout project and it could be possible to accelerate the project if winter weather allows.

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