City Council Members in CAPE Girardeau are Being Encouraged to Raise the Age to Buy Tabbacco Products

City Council Members in Cape Girardeau may prohibit those who are younger than 21 years of age from purchasing any tobacco products including e- cigarettes. On Monday city council members gave instructions to staff members to begin researching a possible ordinance in the city to enforce a restriction to fight against nicotine addiction. Several members of the city council cast their vote in support after they heard a presentation that was given by the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation. The organization is currently pushing for the same laws all over the country through the tobacco 21 initiative. Current members of the campaign urged members of the city council to contemplate joining the 30 states in the country that previously passed laws. Officials say, besides those entitles 18 states have raised the tobacco age to 21, 12 of those states have passed Tobacco 21 legislation. They also say, 22 communities in Missouri have passed such laws. Officials say, a person is twice as likely to become a lifelong smoker if he or she starts by age 18.

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