September and Early October Break Records for Highs in Southeast Missouri and Paducah

Last month along with the first few days in October set record highs for this time of year in Sikeston and cities across the region. On Thursday the warmest ever recorded temperature was reached in Sikeston when temperatures hit 95 degrees. The record was previously set on Oct. 2, 1953 when the t thermometer read 94 degrees.  An all-time high temperature was reached in Charleston on October 2, 2019 when the thermometer read 95 degrees. The old record high for this month was 92 degrees, back on October 19, 2005. In Cape Girardeau the temperature reached 94 degrees on the same day to break a new record. The old record was set back on October 3, 1969 when the thermometer read 93 degrees. Temperatures for last month and the beginning of October were the warmest ever recorded temperatures for the following towns Gape Girardeau, Perryville, Jackson, as well as Sikeston.  In Cape Girardeau the temperature was at or above 90 degrees for 16 days over the period of September and early October. The number of days with warm weather is a new record for the town. The hot temperatures were also recorded in Paducah as a total of 21 days were recorded as being 90 degrees or warmer. This is only the second time in recorded history there have been 20 or more 90 degree days in Paducah. There were 27 straight days of warm weather back in 1939.  The only areas that received at or close to normal rainfall were across portions of Scott and Cape Girardeau Counties because of thunderstorms that rolled through on September 20, 2019. Some areas within these counties got four to six inches of rain in only a matter of hours.

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