September Was Warmer and Drier than Normal This Year

During the month of September hot temperatures soared making the region feel like it was summer time. The official start of fall was on September 23, 2019, but temperatures remained in the 90’s for a total of 15 afternoons within the Southern Illinois Region. The Regional average high for the 30 day period was 88 degrees. The normal average temperature for the month is 80 degrees. This month was 6.9 degrees warmer throughout Southern Illinois for this time of year. In Paducah, temperatures were even warmer. A total of 21 days this past month were above 90 degrees. This is the second ever highest month recorded for this time of year. The record was set back in 1939 when 27 of 30 days were above 90 degrees. The wetness of the spring and early summer were wiped out as only 0.32 inches of rain fell in both Paducah and Southern Illinois. This total was two and a half times less than normal.

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