SEMO Online Programs Expand Dates to Enter to Make Them More Flexible for Students

Southeast Missouri State is making the opportunity to obtain higher education during this year’s fall semester with online classes now being available to new freshman and transfer students when they are ready to take them when it is convenient for them. Southeast online now offers over fourteen different session terms to make it more convenient for under graduate students to complete their education. SEMO has now extended their  schedule  to include two eight-week sessions during  both the spring and fall semesters along with a four-week session during the winter session; and three four-week sessions, two six-week sessions, one eight-week session and one 12-week session during the summer.  University officials say, The expansion is part of the University’s commitment to provide a flexible learning framework and environment that allows students to achieve their higher education goals. Officials also say, Southeast Online adopted the “pace, place and mode of study” definition based on the research of Dr. Neil Gordon, senior lecturer in computer science at the University of Hull. He has done extensive work in technology-enhanced learning in the flexible learning space, and Southeast Online is modeling its new schedule based on these concepts. Officials added that Offering more sessions with varying lengths allows online students to begin their education and select courses that work with their personal schedules and pursue a degree when they’re ready.

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