School Officials Express Concerns about Route K at Public Meeting

An Official at Eagle Ridge Christian School raised concern to Cape Girardeau city staff members about multiple crashes happening on Route K at the entrance to the school in the last two weeks. The official said, there have been three crashes there in the past two weeks with motorists being rear ended as they attempted to turn into the entrance to the private school.    City officials have had previous discussions about the possibility of assisting in the funding of improvements to make traffic safer at the entryway of Notre Dame Regional High School. Notre Dame is located on Route K just down the road from Eagle Ridge. School officials also said the city needs to look at safety improvements for the entire stretch of Route K encompassing the entrance to both schools. Officials also say, there are no turn lanes or flashing lights on Route K as there are at Notre Dame.  School officials also say, the safety issue will only grow worse when construction begins on .U.S. 61 at Center Junction as more motorists start traveling route K. The concerns were brought to the attention of city officials during a meeting held at the Shawnee Park Center. The meeting was held in an effort to gain public input on projects that could receive public funding as part of the extension of the Transportation Sales tax if voters approve it.

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