$ 3 Million Grant Awarded to St. Francis Health Care Systems to Improve Maternal Infant Health

St. Francis Healthcare Systems was awarded with the accolade of a $3 million grant with the intention to make prenatal and maternity located in the bootheel of Missouri .The awarded was awarded to them on behalf of the .U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. St. Francis Health is currently working in a partnership with Southeast Health in Cape Girardeau along with more than 12 additional healthcare and social support services in a team effort to make maternal and infant health across half a dozen counties throughout the Southeast Missouri region. The local counties that are included in this partnership include Mississippi, Scott, New Madrid, and Pemiscot and Stoddard County. The partnership will be known as the Bootheel Perinatal Network Project. The announcement was made on Monday. The award received is also part of the Rural Maternity Obstetrics Management Strategies. Grant program that has an entire value of almost 9 million., that is in the process of being administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Services, and Services Administration. This grants is one of just three other ones awarded on behalf of the RMOMS Program. Both St. Francis and the other recipients will get a maximum of $600,000 between them and a planning year and a maximum of $800,000 in  three implementation  years  to pilot test the develop models and improving access to and continuity of maternal  obstetrics care  within rural communities.




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