Cape Girardeau Residents Want Officials to Postpone Veteran’s Memorial Drive

Citizens in Cape Girardeau want the city to postpone the project to extend Veteran’s Memorial Drive for right now. The public was invited to a meeting on Wednesday night to provide city officials with feedback about the plethora of city projects. City officials want to hear from citizens so they can recommend ideas for city projects to members of the city council. In order for these projects to be funded city voters must approve a half cent sales tax increase in April’s election. If the citizens vote to approve it the tax will be in effect for the next five years. City officials proposed projects that would cost the city more than $10 million. Officials expect the tax to bring in over $5 million per year over a five year period, but members of the city’s advisory committee propose spending a total of $13 million on maintenance along with repairs.  An additional $2 million  will be monetary funded for contingencies. The remaining $10 million would be put towards the city’s street projects. Committee officials are currently working alongside city staff to narrow down a list of city projects.

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