KYTC Officials Making Plans to Construct New Bridge Between Cairo and Wickiffe

Officials with the Kentucky State Transportation Company say, they plan to replace the bridge between Cairo and Wickiffe Kentucky before its 100th birthday. The bridge is currently 82 years old. Officials say, they would like to have the public driving on new bridge sometime within the next 15 years. The KYTC is working in partnership with IDOT, to come up with a new blueprint and to build a brand new bridge. . Officials say, the bridge will be safer and more reliable than the current existing span, officially known as the .U.S. Ohio River Bridge, which opened in 1937. Officials with both departments conducted   public meetings at an earlier point in the week in both areas to get input from citizens of both towns and take questions from citizens. Officials say, the most common question they heard at the meeting was how fast you can build it. Officials with the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, say it is an important link between Southeast Missouri and Western Kentucky. Officials say, certainly from an overall transportation network perspective that bride is vital. They say, the more connections they have between states and interstate highways, such as Interstate 55 in Missouri and Interstate 24 in Kentucky the better.

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