Jefferson County Board Haveing Issues with Financials

Members of the Jefferson County Board currently face financial issues as they are currently trying to plan a budget for next year. City officials say, they are currently  $981,000 in the hole through a combination of debt from last year’s budget, unpaid bills this year and some borrowing between different county funds. Officials say, there going to be about $535,000 available by the end of the year from the county’s public safety sales tax fund. Local voters’ l voted to approve the tax five years ago and it is used to pay for bond payments for the Jefferson County Justice Center and the salaries of Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies, who had been laid off. Officials said. As long as the money goes to the sheriff’s office and the jail, the money will still be used for public safety reasons, but it also allows the county to free up more money from other sources. And e cent settlements with unions and healthcare costs have contributed significantly to the county’s financial problems. Officials say, the county will try to cut costs where they can but there’s nothing big the board can cut anymore.

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