City Officials in Cape Girardeau Hopes to Fix Traffic Problems at Arena Park Entry way

The Maria Louise Lane and Broadview Street Junction has many traffic congestion at the entrance that leads to Arena Park. City officials want to   correct the problem, but they don’t know what the best way to solve the problem. City officials proposed a budget between $250,000 to $350,000 to better the flow of traffic, but the idea was disregarded after  city officials told a transportation advisory committee that there were no plans to be made on what improvements should be made. Members of the advisory committee are now finalizing a list of projects that would be funded through the Transportation Sales Tax pending local voters vote to extend the tax. Members of the committee staff along with city staff are currently suggesting a total of $50,000 could be used to hire a consultant to design a plan to make the intersection better. City officials say, traffic data needs to be collected before a contractor can be hired and the city could seek an $8,000 grant from the state to collect traffic counts and vehicle turning data. For that to happen the city has to contribute $2,000. If the city receives the grant officials hope to receive traffic data at the end of this year or early next year. The city then would hire a consultant to fix the problem.

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