Attorney Requests Judge Sanction Highest Scott County Official

An attorney has made a request to have a court judge the top elected official of Scott County and make him testify again for his role in a sex discrimination case. The attorney filed a motion last week that accuses Jim Glueck of providing incomplete assuasive answers to a disposition on the first of May along with responses he wrote for his role in a law suit. Officials say, attorneys only seek sanctions only in rare cases. The suit was filed in 2018 against the county and sheriff Wes Dury by the county’s former jail administrator. It is her attorney, who is asking for the sanctions against the county’s presiding commissioner. The law suit that was filed claims that Durry violated the Missouri Human Rights act when he removed the former jail administration from her current position. He put a male deputy in her place that had no prior experience. She claims that she was discriminated against in January of 2017 because of her gender.

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