Sikeston City Council Members Deciding What to do with Stall cup Building

Sikeston city officials have come back together to make a decision on what to do with the Stallcup Building. Officials held a city council meeting on Monday. Bids used to stabilize the rear wall of the structure first started coming in on July 19, 2019, but two bids were two expensive and exceeded the city’s $70,000 budget. Sikeston city officials gave council members a brief description of the project at the meeting and told them if the bids are over $75,000, state law states prevailing wages must be used. Officials gave city council members two options ,The first option was to bid on the project again  but include language stating prevailing wages must be used if the bids are over $75,000. The other option was to have two contracts with one being for the destruction and add language about prevailing wages needing to be used if the bids exceed $70,000 for both contracts.

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